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II - Programming with .NET 2.0 Base Class Library via Visual C# 2005

Class Duration


5 days.

Delivery Mode


Face-to-face Instructor-led in a community-of-practice environment.

Goals of the Course


This course is the second in a two-course series that covers the the classes, interfaces, and components of the .NET Base Class library. This course addresses the .NET classes used in regular expression processing, .NET collections, .NET application domains, configuring .NET applications, and instrumentations.

Course Name


II - Programming with .NET 2.0 Base Class Library via Visual C# 2005



This class is the second in a two-class series about the .NET 2.0 Base Class Library programming via Visual C# 2005.

Among the topics learned and practices in this course are the classes used in processing text with regular expression, encoding text, .NET collections, .NET serialization, application domains, application configuration, and instrumentation.

The instructional strategy for this course emphasizes clear and concise explanation of the topics and their examples, project-based learning, and practical real-life problem solving skills.




Programming with .NET 2.0 Base Class Library via C# 2005 - II
Course Goals
Course Outline

Regular Expressions & Text Encoding
Regular Expressions
Pattern Matching
Searching for Text Patterns
Extracting Matched Patterns
Encoding Text
The Encoding Class
Encoding Types

The .NET Collections
.NET Collections of Data Items
Selecting an Appropriate .NET Collection
.NET Collection Interfaces
The Queue Collection
The Generics Queue Collection
The Stack Collection
The Generics Stack Collection
The ArrayList Collection
The Generics List Collection
The Hashtable Collection
The Generics Dictionary Collection

.NET Serialization
Serialization & Deserialization
Serializable Classes
Serialization Formats
SOAP Formatter
XML Serialization
Serializing Objects with XML
Serializing DataSets
Custom Serialization
Customer Serialization Events
Custom Formatters

.NET Application Domains
.NET Application Domains
Creating an Application Domain
The AppDomain Class
Application Domains and Assemblies
Loading Assemblies into Application Domains
Configuring Application Domains
Application Domains Properties
Windows Services Applications

Installing and Configuring Applications
Configuration Settings
.NET 2.0 Common Settings
.NET Application Installers
Creating a .NET 2.0 Installer
Committing and Rolling Back an Installation
The .NET 2.0 Configuration Tool
Browsing Configurations
Changing Configuration
Resetting Configuration
Configuration Management

Windows Event Logs
Creating and Managing an Event Log
Debugging and Tracing
The Debug Attributes
Creating Trace Listeners
The Listener Class
Monitoring Performance
The Process Class
Performance Counters
Starting Processes


Who Should Attend?


Experienced Visual C# 2005 developers and programmers who want to learn and practice the classes, interfaces, and components of the .NET Base Class Library



Prior .NET, Visual C# 2005, and Visual Studio 2005 experience is required. These prerequisites could be met with the Programming with Visual C# 2005 course or equivalent.



bullet ABC Format. A=Accurate, B=Brief, C=Complete
bulletUtilizes Microsoft Press books and references
bulletLearning is focused on real-situation problem solving
bulletSound instructional design strategies
bullet Learn-by-doing course design philosophy
bullet Clear explanations of concepts and principles
bullet Emphasis on getting started quickly
bullet Many examples and worked out samples
bullet Online Learning Environment (OLE) always accessible during class period from any location even across firewalls
bullet Learning Tools (LTs) supporting the learning process

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