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.NET Courses

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Visual C# 2005

Programming with Visual C# 2005

Advanced Programming with Visual C# 2005

.NET 2.0 Base Class Library

I - Programming with .NET 2.0 Base Class Library via Visual C# 2005

II - Programming with .NET 2.0 Base Class Library via Visual C# 2005


.NET 2.0 Data Access

Programming with ADO.NET 2.0


Programming with ASP.NET 2.0

SQL Server 2000

Programming with SQL Server 2000






With the introduction of the .NET framework, Microsoft has provided a very powerful platform for developing distributed applications either Windows-based or Web-based.  Our .NET curriculum addresses the needed knowledge and skills that every .NET programmer require to excel and succeed in this exciting new development environment. The .NET curriculum emphasize real-life hands-on projects that exploit the .NET framework technologies.

Each course in our .NET curriculum comes with student notes, reference or job aid materials, and qualified instructors for a successful learning experience.

All our courses (on-site or online) enjoy these features:

bullet ABC Format. A=Accurate, B=Brief, C=Complete
bulletUtilizes Microsoft Press books and references
bullet Learning is focused on real-situation problem solving
bullet Learn-by-doing course design philosophy
bullet Clear explanations of concepts and principles
bullet Emphasis on getting started quickly
bullet Many examples and worked out samples
bullet Online Learning Environment (OLE) always accessible during class period
bullet Online Practice Environment (OPE) accessible 24/7 during class period
bullet Learning Tools (LTs) supporting the learning process
bullet Browser and platform independence
bullet Reference materials and job aids provided
bullet OLE is accessible from any location even across firewalls
bulletNo specific lab setup or configuration needed. Our OLE & OPE provide everything we need to deliver the class. All the students need are an Internet connection and a web browser


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